the 2nd annual connellsville lions / leo club

golf tourney ~ FRIDAY, JUNE 7TH, 2024

Benefiting our local Connellsville Area Fire Departments

New Haven Hose Company  |  Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department  | South Connellsville Fireman's Club  |  Morrell Volunteer Fire Company | Bullskin Township Volunteer Fire Company

Explore our available business sponsorship opportunities and choose one that fits your budget.

This fundraising opportunity allows your business to do three things: (1) it reaches your customers multiple times during the event through signage, prizes, and local media; (2) it supports the efforts of the Connellsville Lions / Leo Club by helping to cover costs; (3) it provides an opportunity for you to take part in supporting your community and giving back to those who work in service to others.

 The Connellsville Lions and Leo Clubs are a registered 501c4, non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible to within the definition of the law.

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