March 19, 2023

As part of The City of Connellsville's recycling efforts, City Clerk Vern Ohler contacted the Connellsville Lions Club looking for volunteers to support the distribution of 3,000 new 45-gallon recycling garbage cans. Since it is tied in with a service project and our global initiatives, we asked our Leo Club for support, and nine Leos answered the call.

This joint effort between Mayor Greg Lincoln, Councilwoman Carol Tiberio, and City Clerk Vern Ohler has been several years in the making. After working hard, the $90,000 recycling grant was secured and provided the way for Connellsville residents to get the containers for the small investment of $3 each, the rest covered by the state Department of Environmental Protection recycling grant.

We hope that our small part will pave the way for additional opportunities for us to serve in the recycling efforts of our town in the future.

"Huge thank you to councilwoman Tiberio, our city clerk and the amazing students from the Connellsville Lions Club Leo Club for helping with our first recycling garbage can distribution day. Thank you to all of our residents who came out to purchase the new 45 gallon recycling garbage cans. Today was a great day!" ~ Connellsville Mayor Gregory Lincoln

"I wanted to let you know what a joy it was having the Leos help yesterday with our recycling bins distribution. What an impressive group ~ so mature, energictic and motivated. They jumped in wherever they saw a need. Kudos to all invoiced and thank you!" ~ Councilwoman Carol Tiberio

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