Lion Barb Bielecki’s journey with the bank, now known as PNC Bank, began on May 9, 1973, a time when Tony Orlando’s “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” ruled the charts, “Day for Night” graced the silver screen, and Kurt Vonnegut’s literary prowess captivated readers. Richard Nixon occupied the presidency, and Lion Barb Bielecki took her first steps into the world of banking at Second National Bank in Connellsville, where Harold Pore held the reins as president.

Fast forward to this past May 9, and Lion Barb Bielecki marked an incredible milestone—50 years of dedicated service to the bank. As she prepares to retire on June 30, we reflect on her remarkable career, one that has witnessed the bank’s transformation from Second National Bank to P & B Bank, and eventually to PNC Bank.

Lion Barb’s journey began with bookkeeping responsibilities, but it didn’t take long for her role to evolve. With each transition, she embraced new challenges, including assisting customers in opening checking and savings accounts. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in facilitating various financial transactions, from CDs to IRAs and loans.

The banking landscape has seen significant changes during Lion Barb’s tenure, with the advent of online banking revolutionizing the industry. She witnessed the shift from passbooks to handwritten entries and eventually the convenience of electronic banking, all while serving the community with unwavering dedication.

Lion Barb’s commitment extended beyond the bank’s walls, as she actively participated in community events and outreach programs. From college fairs to Kids’ Fests and even memorable moments at Three Rivers Stadium, she left an indelible mark on the community she served.

But it’s the relationships she built—both with customers and colleagues—that truly define her career. Many customers became friends, and coworkers turned into family. Lion Barb’s infectious smile, dedication, and knowledge made her a cherished member of the PNC Bank team.

As Lion Barb looks ahead to retirement, she eagerly anticipates spending quality time with her loved ones, including her grandchildren. Her legacy within the bank is one of dedication, hard work, and a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Ray Koffler, regional manager for PNC Bank, lauds Lion Barb’s exceptional dedication and work ethic. He acknowledges her irreplaceable contributions to the organization and the profound impact she has had on everyone around her.

For 25 years, Lion Barb has celebrated her commitment with the Quarter Century Club, and now, as she embarks on this new chapter, she will select a piece of jewelry as a token of her enduring dedication.

Lion Barb Bielecki’s 50-year journey with the bank is a testament to her remarkable character and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her retirement marks the end of an era, but her legacy will forever inspire those who follow in her footsteps. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Lion Barb as she steps into this exciting new phase of life, and we are grateful for the indelible impact she has made on our organization and community.


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